Who wants fun, trendy pieces without harming the environment? Me! And I realized so many others do as well. And it’s possible to get creative and thrift. However, thrifting swimwear is difficult from a sanitary and personal fit perspective. So I wanted to create eco-luxe swimwear made to perfectly fit the modern, socially-conscious girl.

Dapo Swim creates sustainable swimwear that’s designed to be timeless and uses repurposed materials and ethical manufacturing practices. However, we also acknowledge that people are on different paths of their sustainable journey, people are imperfectly sustainable, and sometimes consumers fall into the trap of buying trends. We also recognize that critics may say sustainability is boring with the same minimalistic styles, neutral colors, and boxy silhouettes. That’s why we also incorporate fun prints and bright colors into our designs. Because sustainability can be fun, and because your relationship with trends and bright colors can be guilt-free. So let us join your sustainability journey, and we invite you to join ours as we make our bikini adventures zero-waste!

Xx, Christine
Founder and Designer of Dapo Swim